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Sharp Pain Under Left Breast: What Causes it?

The first thing most people do when faced with pain is search the cause of it. Most use Google and Yahoo as their medical advisors, which isn’t really the smartest thing to do, as there are many disease out there that will scare you to death, especially when you find you have one of the symptoms. Does this mean you have it? Of course not. Many illnesses share the same symptoms, and this is the exact reason why there is no way to determine what you have on your own. Today we will talk about a symptom that causes sleepless nights to many people: sharp pain under left breast. Most people think about the worst when they experience something like this, but the causes are usually quite harmless.

Sharp pain under left breast: what is causing it?

It may come as a surprise to you, but having an acid reflux or heartburn because you let yourself go a bit too much at the table is one of the most common causes of the pain you are experiencing under your breast. Many people also tend to forget that exercising may cause such pain, as you may have a mild inflammation of your muscles. This isn’t something you should be concerned about. If you experience pain because of muscle inflammation, you can take a pain killer, and if heartburn is the problem, try putting a bit more thought into your diet choices.

Are there other conditions that may cause such pain?

Of course, there are other conditions that may cause such pain to occur. Note that every condition we will mention in this part of the article is serious enough to call your medical advisor and take care of it as soon as possible. One thing that may cause such pain is spleen irritation, and it may result in spleen rapture if not handled on time. Costochondritis, a condition caused by infection of the bonds that keep the ribs and the breastbone together, is another cause. It occurs because of an impact to the rib area or because of a virus. Broken ribs cause rib pain, it’s quite self explanatory, and should be treated as soon as possible. Pneumothorax, a punctured lung, is another cause. It’s accompanied with troubles breathing and immense pain.  Stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome are two more causes of sharp pain under left breast, and let’s not forget aobut pericarditis, pancreatitits, intestinal infections, or aneurysms. All of these conditions should be treated and there’s no ignoring the doctor, as many of them could prove fatal in the long run.

What to do when such pain occurs?

If you can’t determine what’s causing the pain you are experiencing, it’s always a good idea to visit your doctor so you determine the exact cause. With this visit, you will have a peace of mind once the results are in, and you will also know what to do next if there are certain changes you or your lifestyle will undergo. I suggest you to visit this website